The Right Protein Treatment for Relaxed Black Hair


The Right Protein Treatment for Relaxed Black Hair

Your hair is made of proteins called as keratin. With people using chemical relaxer for everyday styling, the protein and moisture can be stripped off through the process. While you apply chemical relaxer to straighten the hair, this treatment leads your hair to be in its weakest state, prone to breakage, and dehydrated. In other words, this treatment will leave your hair no choice but to receive protein replenishment. However, please keep in mind that doing this treatment is not easy. Below are the things that you need to pay attention when doing protein treatment for relaxed black hair.

Things to Know in Doing Protein Treatment

  1. Protein vs. Moisture

Before you blindly jump straight to proceed into the protein treatment for relaxed black hair, first, consider what your hair really needs. It is very important to pay attention to the type of breakage that you experience. If you fail in determining the type of damage in the hair, it is not impossible for your hair to experience even greater damages. Please carefully examine the damages and choose which treatments that will work for your hair.

  1. Choose only one!

Experts agreed that when you do the protein treatment for relaxed black hair, it is not recommended to also apply chemical relaxer at the same time. It is because while the former will leave your hair in a hard as well as stiff state, the latter is supposed to relax your tresses. That being said, instead of doing both consecutively, it is better to do moisturizing treatment after you did one of the previously mentioned treatments.

  1. Which protein is the best

There are many kinds of protein that you can choose. From keratin, animals, vegetable, collagen, milk, hydrolyzed wheat or soy to hydrolyzed silk, they are just some of them. Now, experimenting with those various kinds of protein by using any method is not a problem and instead, an expert advises to see how your hair will respond to each of them.

In the experience, some experts share that their favorite treatment is by coating conditioner (a moisturizing one) with just enough drops of a particular liquid protein to add some volume to the hair. In another alternative, coconut oil is good for you who want to maintain hair’s elasticity.

  1. Proper treatments for your hair

The fourth thing that you need to pay attention is how to properly apply the treatment. This can be a great deal in determining whether your treatment will succeed or not. In protein treatment for relaxed black hair, it is recommended to apply protein treatment for about 15 minutes or so before layering it with conditioner (a moisturizing one) around 5 minutes. What you have to remember is that the heat has a big role for a better penetration because it will allow the cure to get deeper into the hair. After treatment, you can rinse the hair with cold water as it will leave your hair to be shinier.

  1. Protein overload

Be cautious about the possibility of protein overload. It is a condition that your hair will experience when the ratio between moisture and protein is unbalanced. You will feel that the strands of hair are kind of being brittle, dry and coated. If this happens, then what you can do to bring your hair back to its previous condition is by applying moisturizer.

After reading those five things, you may think those are the only things that will help you in the process of protein treatment for relaxed black hair. However, in fact, besides taking care your hair from outside, you also have to take it care from the inside as well. It means that your dietary habits and peace of your mind also have the same equally important role in the treatment. You should carefully choose over which foods are healthy while being continuously calm your mind. In addition, just remember that stress is not a good option for a healthy scalp. Aside from it, routine exercise as well as taking supplements is much recommended. As a note, during the treatment, you should avoid any hair styling for a moment. It includes the used of hair coloring, curling iron or straightener.

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