Self Alcohol Detox to Get Better Health in the Future


Self Alcohol Detox to Get Better Health in the Future

Alcohol is not dangerous as long as you keep consume it at proper intake. The problem is where people drink it too much as if water. At normal condition, metabolism inside body will control alcohol then expel it immediately via skin or urine. Unfortunately, excess alcohol level brings trouble on metabolism process because body cannot tolerate it. In this situation, the only help is self alcohol detox, which will be explored at the below sections.

Preparation Steps on Self Alcohol Detox

  1. Assessing and evaluate alcohol habit

Before doing self alcohol detox, you need to assess and evaluate your alcohol habit. The examples of this addiction are drinking at morning, feeling anxiety, withdrawal symptom, and nausea. Moreover, you may have not self-confident without alcohol. This is problem that needs to be solved immediately. Alcohol addiction happens for long period, which affects many aspects. If you only drink it much once, it may not eligible to call as addiction.

Doing this step is necessary to set the goal. One problem related to addiction therapy is consistency to keep it at long period. You will determine the goal and set the rule when such goal is not attained at specific time.

  1. Medical counsel

Next thing on self alcohol detox is medical counsel. As it mentioned above, there are few drawbacks when stopping alcohol during detoxification. If this situation goes worse, you need medical help from doctor. However, preventive is the better way before entering medical treatment. For such reason, you must visit doctor to propose detoxification plan and consult the best method to implement. Doctor will be glad to help then support as long as the patients follow what they have been planned.

  1. Store more fruits and water

You cannot keep for doing self alcohol detox if there are still alcohol beverages at your home. Well, you need to get rid of them and replace with foods. It is much recommended to store fruits and water, but the other healthy meals are eligible as well.

Alcohol contains sugar that increases body risk. In detox process, body tries to keep balance from other sugar sources. You may drink sugar beverages not too much because it can create another issue. The safest choice is fruits and water to prevent dehydration.

  1. Support

Addiction is not small issue when you try to get rid of it from your life. You need support from close partner and professional consultant. Doctor only handles health and medical aspects, but the support from professional helps to pass mental drawback. If you plan for self alcohol detox, it is better to inform your partner, family, and friends. They are your helper when unwanted situation happen and motivate you to do the right thing. After the preparation is done, it is time to enter the detoxification process.

Detoxification Process for Self Alcohol Detox

  • Drink water

Some people drink alcohol like it is water to them. After breakfast in the morning, wine is their drink. It will be similar at lunch and dinner. That is why addiction becomes difficult matter to handle. Every day, the blood contains high sugar intake from alcohol and it increases after dining session.

You need to drink water every day to balance the liquid intake inside your body. Detoxification will increase urine production that lets more water to release. To replace it, you need to drink immediately in the morning and before sleeping at night. Replacing alcohol with water is the wisest choice and it prevents to get much calories.

  • Eat healthy foods

Craving may occur during detoxification process. As similar to water, body wants more sugar and calories. You can eat as much as possible to keep the calorie during metabolism process. However, healthy foods are much preferable for long period consumption. You can eat vegetables, fruits, and oats. Another option is supplement to keep the vitamin and mineral from losing due to lack of sugar.

  • Fresh air and exercise

Alcohol drawback brings uneasy situation and condition. Few people may try to hide and stay at home because they feel uncomfortable when meeting with others. Anxiety and nausea are the common symptom during this situation that needs to release and manage effectively. You can try to go to the place with many trees for getting fresh air. It helps to relax mind and body then keep your consistency to prolong detoxification process. Besides, exercise is necessary to exhaust more sweat. Research showed that endorphin would be release during exercise that helps to control alcohol addiction.

  • Distraction and hobby

You also need distraction and hobby during self alcohol detox. Every day, your mind might always think about drinking alcohol. This is bad situation when you cannot control it. In this case, fresh air and exercise keeps your mind occupied then get rid of any thought about alcohol.

New interest may be good choice because your mind will try to accomplish. You can learn new lesson or skill during detoxification period. As long as your follow doctor advice, there is no issue for new interest. Keeping your mind at steady level is the most difficult thing since alcohol is everything in past time.

  • Support group

You need support from close relation, but support group is good choice to keep detoxification plan in check. There are many communities meeting for alcoholic to keep them sober all the time. From this group, you will find people with the same problem and try to accomplish their personal issue. Moral support and motivation are what everyone keeps to stay on track during detoxification process. Sharing and discussing with them are the part of method to ease your mind from extra tension.

  • Medical support

Well, doctor acts more than giving advice. As it mentioned above, alcohol detoxification is no small task due to its risk on the body and mental. When something goes wrong, medical support is necessary as the last solution. Some people may go into the wrong direction that affects metabolism and body condition.

Effort struggles and Result

There are no last stages when discussing about alcohol detoxification. How long it will end? It is not easy to answer, but the process will continue until alcoholic does not release that he or she is no longer alcohol addict. It takes time, patient, consistency, determination, motivation, and support to succeed self alcohol detox.

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