Is It Safe to Conduct Opiate Detox While Pregnant?


The Basic Knowledge to Conduct Opiate Detox While Pregnant?

Detox from drug addiction is known as painful and terrible experience. However, it should be undergone by individuals who want to free themselves from opiate abuse. Considering the hard detox process, what if the program is conducted by pregnant woman? As we know, pregnancy is an emotional moment which requires woman to be more careful to take care of herself along with her baby. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming and complicated, moreover for woman who involve opiate addiction. Continuing drug during pregnancy is surely dangerous for the baby. However, conducting opiate detox while pregnant is also a risky thing.

How to Do Opiate Detox While Pregnant?

Even though opiate detox while pregnant is considered dangerous, it actually can be done safely. With professional medical assistant, the detox process will help the mother to get rid of opioid addiction. We all know that consuming opiate continuously especially during pregnancy will cause some effects. Not only mother, the unborn baby is also affected by the drug addiction. Statistic showed the increasing number of stillbirth, miscarriage, birth defect and premature birth as the result of opiate abuse while pregnancy. The others include baby born with dependence on opiate and neurological defects.

However, there are several things to consider when we are talking about opiate detox while pregnant. The drug withdrawal will cause some symptoms and issue that may cause unpleasant feeling. Nevertheless, the severity depends on the abuse method and duration. The more a person is dependent to drug, the more severe feeling will occur. Considering the effect, it is actually not recommended to totally stop the drug during pregnancy. Stopping the dose suddenly will make the brain attempt to restore the balance. The occurring effect might be different, depending on the type of drug.

  • Heroin and opioids

Withdrawal from heroin and opioids may cause some symptoms such as sweating, insomnia, muscle pain, tremors, vomiting and nausea. For baby, this withdrawal may result respiratory depression. This condition causes the baby not getting sufficient oxygen. For the worst, it may cause death to the baby.

  • Cocaine and stimulant drugs

The withdrawal symptoms of stimulant addiction are more emotional because the drug causes euphoria. Depression and feeling unhappy become the result of drug withdrawal. It does not cause severe harm to baby, however tendencies to suicide may be dangerous.

  • Benzodiazepines

Addiction to this drug affects the function of nervous system. Suddenly stopping benzodiazepines will result brain rebound. It causes anxiety, depression, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. The worst effect of withdrawal is death to mother and baby.

The fact that withdrawing from drugs may cause danger to both mother and baby, so how can opiate detox while pregnantbe conducted? Medical detox which is specially designed for pregnant woman is considered as the safest way to get rid of drug addiction. It is also more comfortable. While stopping the dose suddenly may cause severe withdrawal—which is distressing to mother and baby—medical detox is conducted in smoother way.

This detox process is provided for both inpatient and outpatient program. However, inpatient program is generally more suitable for pregnant woman. It allows the supervisors to monitor the individuals for 24 hours, therefore the vital signs of both can be ensured. It combines detox and medication process. Through this way, drug side effect and withdrawal symptoms can be minimized.

What should be done after the baby is born? While the detox is conducted, the effect of drug dependence syndrome may appear in your baby. This is why the baby needs special treatment. Some medications and therapies can be conducted. It involves non-pharmacological treatment such as skin contact and breastfeeding. For your information, baby with dependence syndrome probably has delay in development especially during the first year. While you are still consuming methadone, you can remain breastfeeding the baby.

For further treatment, to avoid relapse is really important. Continuous counseling and assisted medication will help the mother to stay on track. Support is also needed during this stage. Get them back to society to engage social relationship. In a nut shell, the role of partner and family helps get rid of drug addiction. Opiate detox while pregnant is not only about medication, but also about attention and caring.

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