Getting to Know the Program of Detox from Heroine


Drug Abuse Is Danger And You Need Help to Detox from Heroine

Among many drug abuse problems, addiction to heroine is categorized into a type that’s hard to stop. Heroine is also known as the deadliest drug among street users. Statistic shows shocking number of death due to heroine abuse in the U.S., about 15,446 cases. As the most addictive drug, heroine can stay in your body for five to seven days. For heavy abuse, it can stay longer up to ten days. This is what makes stopping from drug addiction is quite hard. However, it does not mean impossible. You can free your body from addiction with proper method of detox from heroine.

What is Detox from Heroine?

Detoxification or shortly called as detox refers to a process that occurs on your body to get rid of toxic. This process undergoes naturally, especially if your body detects foreign substance. People normally do not recognize every detox process because the toxic sometimes comes out as sweat or other secretion form. In case of drug abuse, the detox phase will be very uncomfortable moment. Those who try to detox themselves without proper treatment find it is an extremely horrible experience.

Talking about detox from heroine cannot be separated from heroine withdrawal. This stage is considered as really painful. It usually starts within 6 to 12 hours after your last heroine. The process will be much worse in 3 to 4 days after the last dose. There are several typical symptoms of heroine withdrawal such as drug cravings, stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, sweating, fear, depression and increase of heart rate.

All In Time to Progress Healing

Withdrawal, as important process of quitting heroine, can be dangerous without medical assistant’s supervising. The danger includes relapse and dehydration. Besides, sudden cessation can lead to hallucinations and convulsions. Therefore, it is highly recommended to call hospital or rehab facility for more comfortable withdrawal stage. There is also so called long term effect due to detox from heroine. The short-term symptoms, however, manifest and create long term effect especially if they are not overcome. The symptoms persist in different length of time depending on person’s condition. The conditions which commonly appear are anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, paranoia and drug craving. Without proper treatment, relapse may also occur.

Good news, this condition does not persist for a long time. Let’s say, your body needs time to adjust itself without heroine. The more intense symptoms you get, the faster body will feel better. Needless to say, it is not that easy as during the bad conditions, individuals tend to give up. Yet if users can cope with this, the detox process will be much easier.

After passing the withdrawal stage, next detox process is needed. In this period, the process is aimed at preparing body and mind to actually stop from consuming heroine. This stage is important to succeed rehabilitation. Right after completing the detox portion, the recovery will continue to a therapy by group or individual. The goal is to give support to the user and engage them with behavior changes to minimize drug temptation in the future.

Hard Effort Struggle to Stay Healthy Path

As aforementioned, detox from heroine is not that easy. There are some challenges commonly faced by the users. The hardest part is to deal with drug cravings. Since it gives painful moment, many individuals cannot handle this. In this case, some medication options may be taken. There are medications that can be used to help the heroine detox.

  1. Methadone

This one is included into opioid type drug that is used to relief severe pain. Methadone is also used to cure individuals with drug addiction. It can be found in liquid, tablet and injection.

  1. Naltrexone

This is known as FDA-approved medicine which is ideal to treat drug addiction, especially heroine. It helps avoid relapse and suppress their craving. Naltrexone is recommended for users who had already undergone the detoxification process.

  1. Buprenorphine

This medication is ideal to treat heroine withdrawal. It is also recommended for the next treatment.

  1. Naloxone

It actually is not a specialized treatment for heroine’s addiction. However, Naloxone can be used to stop the effect temporarily. It works by blocking the effect of heroin and prevent overdose.

  1. Clonidine

This medication works by reducing the amount of chemicals to appear in the body. During withdrawal, the fight chemical is responsible to give unpleasant feeling. Clonidine helps reduce the secretion of this chemical and gives better feeling to the patient.

Programs to Detox from Heroine

Detox from heroine is actually best conducted in rehab facility due to safety reason. Medical assistants know how to give the best treatment to the users. Trying to do detox from home will put you in a risk, or at worst it can be life threatening. If you find any problem during the program, the professionals can take safe step to overcome. In the event that you are visiting a rehabilitation facility, you will see several options:

  • Inpatient detox

This option is offered at hospital or rehab facility which allows the professional medical assistant to monitor the patient for 24 hours. It provides intensive supervision and pharmacotherapy. The inpatient program also gives all privacy you need. People who can benefit from this are those who have severe addiction to heroine, those who have special mental condition and those who have relapsing history.

  • Outpatient detox

This program is also offered in detox center as well as hospital and rehab facility. Unlike inpatient detox that allows the medical assistant to supervise for 24 hour, outpatient clients receive monitoring only during business hours. Individuals who join this program have chance to relapse during evenings or weekends.

  • Holistic detox

This detox from heroine program focuses on herbal medicine during the detox process. Typical hospital and rehab center do not provide this service, however it can be found in naturopathic offices. It deals with alternative therapies, yoga, acupuncture, and spiritual counseling.

In a nut shell, getting rid of heroine’s addiction is surely not a simple and easy process to undergo. It is highly recommended to see the specialists or get medical assistant in the event you want to stop abusing heroine. Last but not least, the success of detox from heroine depend on how big your will to keep the addiction at bay.

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