8 Smart Ideas for Good Protein Breakfast for Kids


8 Smart Ideas for Good Protein Breakfast for Kids

Breakfast is essential to start the day, not only for adults but also kids. This first meal gives energy to do activities all day long. Considering the importance of breakfast, thinking about the nutrition intake is a must. Ideally, breakfast should contain good amount of protein and fat. Good protein breakfast for kids helps build the muscle and is also essential for their development. However, it is not that simple to give nutritious morning meal for kids. Mother with picky eater kid should be creative in serving attractive and tasty food.

High Protein Source for Good Protein Breakfast for Kids

Making high protein breakfast is not that difficult. The very first thing to do is finding high protein ingredients. We only know eggs and meats are the only good source of protein. It is not surprising that many kinds of good protein breakfast for kids contain eggs and meats. However, there are still many other things that secretly contain sufficient amount of protein.

  • Nuts

Considered as good source of protein, nuts can be good idea to serve morning meals for kids. There are many recipes that you can make from nuts. Simply chopping nuts and mix with oats or yogurt will create yummy breakfast for kids. Or else, peanut butter is another quick menu especially if you do not have time to work in the kitchen.

  • Dairy product

Kids love dairy products such as yogurt, milk and cheese. Good news as they are considered as good source of protein. You can make many kinds of morning recipe from dairy product. Cheese toast, cottage cheese and milkshake will be kiddo’s favorite protein breakfast.

  • Protein powder

This is probably the most practical source of protein. If you have picky eater kids, simply add protein powder to any breakfast such as eggs bananas or even smoothies. Therefore, they will get sufficient protein intake without even knowing it.

  • Oatmeal

Another protein source for kids is oatmeal. However, this ingredient is not really kid’s favorite. To make it attractive, you can make breakfast oatmeal recipe combined with nuts, fruits or other ingredients that your kids will love. Adding oatmeal to pancake dough is also smart idea for good protein breakfast for kids.

  • Cereal

Cereal is kid’s best friend. Who does not like cereal? This morning meal is actually containing high protein. A bowl of cereal provides sufficient amount of protein to start the day. For healthier recipe, add chopped fruits, nuts or milk.

The Worth-Trying Good Protein Breakfast for Kids Choices

Well, do you find it is a hard moment every time you have to serve nutritious breakfast? Here, there are several ideas of good protein breakfast for kids. Not only kids, the following ideas are also mouthwatering for entire family. If you do not have good skill of cooking, you do not need to worry. These morning meal recipes are so easy that can be done by almost everybody. With simple ingredients which can be found in your kitchen, you can start these breakfast ideas right away.

  1. Scrambled eggs

This breakfast idea is extremely popular. The egg menu is the easiest, yet serves sufficient amount of protein. It can be combined with other healthy ingredients such as vegetables and other protein source. This scrambled egg is sometimes served on toast and juice for more balanced morning meal.

  1. Quiche

Quiche is another menu made from egg. The egg that is served in crusted cup looks really cute and attractive both for kids and adults. To make this meal, you can simply put the egg in muffin tins and decorate with vegetables. Bake in oven for 5 minutes or as you like. This is the best idea to serve high protein meal for picky eaters.

  1. Toast with peanut butter

If you do not have time to prepare many things in the kitchen, this breakfast menu can be a good idea for your kids. Peanut butter gives sufficient amount of protein to start the day. Combined with toast, muffin or even tortilla, this simple yet tasty menu can be taken into account.

  1. Protein pancake

Another good protein breakfast for kids is protein pancake. This can be filling and the most important, can be combined with almost anything. To add more amount of protein, you can add egg to the pancake dough. For the variation, making waffles from the same dough is also a good idea. Simply put ice cream or fruits to catch your kid’s appetite.

  1. Casserole

This breakfast menu is everyone’s favorite. It can also be served for entire family, including your picky eater kids. Aside from high amount of protein, casserole is also filling enough to start the day. Put some cheese as topping to make it tastier and more attractive. For other variation, add some sausage or even vegetables for healthier morning meal.

  1. French toast

If you are thinking about practical and good protein breakfast for kids, French toast with high protein is highly recommended for your kids. In the event your children do not have time to eat breakfast at home, this on-the-go meal is all you need to fill their morning energy.

  1. Burrito

Burrito is everyone’s favorite. Aside from delicious taste, burrito for breakfast is also satisfying. Not to mention the high protein and other nutrition it contains. To boost up its benefit, add more vegetables and protein to your burrito menu.

  1. Protein Shake

Who says kiddos cannot get protein shake? With a little adjustment, this protein shake can be smart breakfast idea for picky eaters. Moreover, they can take it away! Find the suitable protein shake recipe for kids and keep them satisfied until lunch.

What do you think? Good protein breakfast for kids ideas above are highly recommended for busy mother who do not have much time to work in the kitchen. Furthermore, those morning meal recipes are also attractive for picky eaters. The most important, the contained nutrition is enough to help start the day and keep them filled up until lunch.

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